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Inmanyi (Zheng Haoqi) is an illustrator, artist and the creator of "SNOKI", "GREEN Burger Sauce", "PINBOO Apple Dog". He has cooperated with international brands like KFC, Line Friends, Tencent, Popeye the Sailor, Coca-Cola, MTR, Baidu and R&F Properties. His masterful fusion of Cartoon with abstraction and realism comes to fruition through a harnessed use of colour and composition. With “keep a curious mind, you will get more" as his creative concept, Inmanyi expresses his ideas and feelings in graffiti and cartoons style. He tries to show his understanding of the world from a childlike perspective and attempt to evoke people's most precious memories in their childhood. With help from Whateversmiles, Inmanyi’s work will be exhibit in Hong Kong and worldwide in 2023.

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